Britton Pain Clinic is Affiliated to Various Reputable Organizations

Pain & Wellness Specialty Clinic

Apart from discomfort, pain can affect your daily activities and cause you to miss out on your important events. Pain & Wellness Specialty Clinics provides comprehensive health solutions for your chronic and acute pains through noninvasive and minimally invasive techniques. Our physicians and medical assistant employ effective multi-disciplinary strategies to resolve your pain.You will receive professional help from our team of experienced and compassionate therapists, pain specialists, and medical assistants. Let our experienced physicians figure out the source of your pain and create a pain management plan for you.

Pain & Wellness

Specialty Clinics Management Company

Specialty Clinics Management Company strives to provide excellent Management Services for Medical Practices. Leave the Business Operations to us, so that the Physician can focus on providing Quality Healthcare to your patients. Expect us to take care of the Billing, Operations, Bill Payments, Administrative Operations, and more. 

Specialty Clinics Management Co.

Executive Physician Partners

Independent Medical Examinations as well as Medical File Reviews. We have advanced knowledge of the complexities of workers compensation cases throughout the nation. We are always close at hand in providing you with the most comprehensive, accurate and reliable assessments. Private ownership helps Executive Physician Partners excel in personal service.

Executive Physician

Westlake Orthotics & Prosthetics Inc.

We are a full service orthotics and prosthetics company with the facility to accommodate immediate turnaround times for all of our patient needs. We evaluate, design, modify, fabricate and fit all of our own custom braces. Our practitioners and office staff make process of receiving, using, and caring for the brace as easily as possible.

Westlake Orthotics and Prosthetics is located on the campus of United Hospital in the Fort Road Medical Building. We have been servicing patients in the hospital since 2008. We work closely with many Alina physicians’ groups including Twin City Spine, Superior Performance Clinic, Midwest Brain & Spine, Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Associates, Dr. Heller and Sports and Orthopedic Specialist, the Day Surgery Center, and United Vascular Center.
Superior Performance

My Aquatic Services

There's nothing quite as much fun as a clean swimming pool. From installation to upkeep, My Aquatic Services has everything you need for your pool. We specialize in upgrading and repairing pools, especially detecting leaks and remodeling commercial inground pools and spas. Our business began in 1991 as a hot tub rental company. We grew that company into The Family Recreation Superstore! We recently sold our spa store now focusing on our specialty: designing and building swimming pools, swim spas, and all specialty aquatic therapy products. Our unique designs will make your family smile!!

My Aquatic Services

Superior Performance Clinic

Superior Performance Clinic is a family owned Sports Medicine Clinic located in downtown St. Paul. Our Physicians focus on the latest research & technology in Sports Medicine while providing you with the superior care you deserve. Our mission is to keep you moving through the ages with our non-surgical & minimally invasive approach. Call to make an appointment to meet our Sports Medicine Team & develop an individualize plan to keep you participating in the activities you love to do.

Superior Performance
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